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About DMDoc


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DMDoc - Flexible Document Management Solution to Control your Paper Documents

DMDoc is a new web application by DMWorks Systems that helps you manage your paper documents. The solution converts paper documents to digital docs in PDF format and allows you to store, access, share, and manage them electronically from a central location through Internet or Intranet.

DMDoc also serves as a document tracking system. It looks similar to a physical filing cabinet, but in the software, keyword and full-text search allows you to find documents in seconds, rather than minutes or hours. These and other features make DMDoc a perfect way to organize your business, cut printing and storage costs, and reduce wasted materials and time.

What particular tasks can I solve with DMDoc?

  • - Create electronic archives: archive tons of your docs and recycle its paper copies;
  • - Get consistent access to information through the entire organization according to assigned user roles;
  • - Access your paper docs at any time, from any place and any device: PC, tablet, smartphone;
  • - Search for the required document and/or its part within seconds instead of hours;
  • - Secure your paper documents from unauthorized access and more.


Just imagine that now you don’t need to keep hard copies of all paper documents you have to deal with! Just imagine that now you know where all your documents are! Just imagine that you can access them any time and from any place!

What makes DMDoc different from similar solutions on the market?

DMDoс is dedicated to solve a particular task. It works simple and straightforward. You scan paper documents and put them into a central location organized by your own rules and requirements. When you need a document, you search it using naturally familiar Google interface. 

Whether you want to get your home office under control or need a long-term solution for your business DMDoc provides a simple document control at affordable price.