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About DMWorks Systems


What drives our business is the understanding that each success is temporary – we cannot stop innovating, otherwise we are out of business in minutes.


DMWorks Systems emerged in 2000 year as an IT solutions provider and a software development company with just 2 partners. Mostly specializing on providing custom software development services within the first year of work DMWorks has successfully implemented several projects. By 2001, we increased our stuff to 15 people and started the development of our own commercial software products. For all these years, we have been developed in a stable way, learning newly-emerging technologies, forming teams of professionals in different areas.

DMWorks Systems Now

Currently DMWorks Systems is an award-winning software development company and solutions provider with main offices in Brazil and Russia and partners all around the world. Our team consists of 70+ professionals in different areas: developers, IT analytics, sales and marketing managers with working experience from 3 to 22 years. Our customer base includes more than 3000 companies from all continents and working in various industries. 

DMWorks Systems Business Profile

Reporting and Business Intelligence Solutions

DMWorks Systems specializes on development of Reporting and BI solutions for 14 years. During these years we’ve developed custom turn-key database reporting and analytical solutions, web reporting modules, custom web and windows-based dashboards, and more. In addition, DMWorks has provided services to integrate Reporting and BI modules into dozens of business applications (ERP, CRM systems, etc). And finally, our wide experience in this area turned into our own product, DMReports  - high-end Enterprise Reporting and Business Intelligence Platform.

Document Management Solutions and Services

DMWorks Systems is a provider of document management solutions and related services based on our platform – DMDoc, a cloud application intended for organizing and managing paper documents. DMDoc is an extensible platform and can be used as it is or customized to meet corporate policies and requirements. Our qualified team can also provide you with a full range of services: scan your paper documents, upload then to the online document management system, index documents, and effectively organize them in DMDoc.


Sports Management Software

DMWorks team loves sports! We always play team sports during our team retreats, watch big games together and also build software for sports management! In cooperation with Traffic, a multinational corporation we build a software platform that allows professional sport clubs to manage everyday activities of their business - DMSports. It represents a global software platform consisting of dozens of integrated modules which manage different aspects of sport club processes from teams/sportsmen management to championships holding. Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  to learn more about DMSports.

Software to Manage Political Activities

In partnership with Brazilian politicians DMWorks Systems has developed DMPolitica – a software application to manage pre and post-election activities of politicians and their cabinets. The software helps them to organize, manage and control all aspects of barnstorms, pre and post-election campaigns by areas, timely address the requests of an applicants who address to an office of a politician and much more. DMPolitica is integrated with DMReports, thus it provides the ability to get the provisional and final results of work in the form of easy-to-analyze reports and dashboards. DMPolitica is a commercial software product and it is easily adapted to the needs of a politician office.  

Astrological Software

DMWorks Systems is a vendor of complex astrological software and the astrological platform – DMAstro. DMAstro is a joint project of DMWorks Systems and astrologers worldwide that is intended for providing innovative and unique astrological services to people from professional astrologers. One of the main services provided by DMAstro is the ability for every person to create astrological reports: Natal or Birth Reports, Sinastry Reports, Transits, Solar Returns, and many others. What makes DMAstro unique is that every astrological report is provided with unique text interpretation of a professional and recognized astrologer. This makes professional astrology affordable and understandable for any customer. 

Custom Software Development

DMWorks team is a trusted and reliable partner for hundreds of companies in the world for business application development.  For more than 15 years we’ve build many application to manage various aspects of an organization activity: from small modules to turn-key business solutions. Our approach to custom application building employs automation, reuse, best-practice standards to industrialize the service elements within the development frameworks and pre-build solutions, providing higher quality and faster throughput at lower cost.  Developing new applications or enhancing your existing applications, our goal is to deliver consistent, cost effective services that satisfy your business requirements. 

About Us

DMWorks Systems is an award-winning software development company and solutions provider with main offices in Brazil and Russia and partners all around the world. We provide custom application building services and develop commercial software solutions inluding world-known DMReports, DMDoc, DMAstro, DMPolitica, DMSports and others. DMWorks Systems customer base includes more than 3000 customers from all continents and working in various industries.