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DMReports 3.5: Updated Dashboard Designer and Native Support for Oracle Databases

DMWorks Systems is happy to announce the release of a new version 3.5 of DMReports – enterprise reporting and business analytics platform.

A new product version features native support for Oracle as a data source for building dashboards and reports. The use of Oracle database (10g, 11g, and 12g) as a data source becomes much easier. Native support for the database means that DMReports query builder recognizes the created views and relationships in the database and allows create new ones. Thus, visual creation of query to the data source becomes faster and easier.

Dashboards Designer has been considerably updated in DMReports 3.5 allowing business users even with no IT experience to create advanced business dashboards with high interactivity features. The improvements include:

   - New elements mostly devoted to data filtering, such as TreeView, ComboBox, DropDown and the Group element that allows limiting data filtering within a group in one dashboard.
   - Work with maps in Dashboards has been also improved: now you can use pie and bubble data presentation on your geopoint maps. The maps also provide better display mode.
   - Use of Calculated Fields in Dashboards which are computed on the base of the selected data source fields in visual editor.
   - Ability to Convert Dashboard Elements when building a Dashboard, for example, a chart to grid then to pivot table, then to scorecard, etc. This allows you to easily change the preferable data presentation mode.

DMReports Web has been also updated to enable all new features included in DMReports Designer in a web browser.

User Manual for DMReports and comes as a web help file in addition to a CHM version included in the product installation package: http://dmworks.systems/dmreports-web-help/index.html

Many new features of DMReports can be easily estimated with the help of new sample dashboards included in the samples centers for DMReports Designer and DMReports Web.

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