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DMReports 3.4: Native Support for PostgreSQL Database and 10 New Languages

DMWorks Systems releases a new version 3.4 of DMReports – a reliable Reporting and Business Analysis platform.

A new product version features the native support for PostgreSQL database that means that now it can be used as a database of DMReports if needed. PostgreSQL is well positioned for running applications in the cloud so now DMReports customers can use it for running DMReports including its web version.

The use of PotsgreSQL database as a data source becomes much easier. Native support for the database means that DMReports query builder recognizes the created views and relationships in the database and allows create new ones. Thus, visual creation of query to the data source becomes faster and easier.

The localization approach has been considerably changed in DMReports 3.4. Now users can choose the preferable language when they start the application for the first time and change it anytime during the work. German, French, Italian, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, and Japanese languages have been added to the English, Russian and Portuguese localizations. Besides, now DMReports comes as a single installation package for all supported languages.

Samples Centers of both DMReports Designer and DMReports Web have been updated and supplemented by new sample reports and dashboards.

In addition, a new product version features bug fixes, including properties settings in Cross-Tab report type and minor improvements.

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