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TAdviser ranks DMReports in the list of TOP 50 Business Intelligence Solutions

TAdviser is a news portal and analytical agency. The TAdviser portal contains a wiki-format knowledge base that consolidates data on IT markets, key vendors, IT systems, and projects. It is one the most comprehensive resources today, containing information on thousands of ERP, BI, and HRM projects.

DMWorks Systems is also ranked by TAdviser in the list of TOP BI Solutions and takes the 44th place so far. The ranking is mainly based on the number of Business Intelligence projects implemented by the company.

DMWorks Systems is a vendor of DMReports - a powerful Enterprise Reporting and Business Intelligence Platform. The solution has been implemented in hundreds of companies, including such giants as McDonalds – a fast food chain, Traffic – multinational group of companies providing media support for major sport events, Smith & Nephew – a global supplier of medical equipment and solutions, etc.

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